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Our Team

Brian Callnan

Chief Executive Officer

Brian became CPCNH's first CEO in May of 2023. He began his utility career in 2003 as an IBEW Local 300 Union employee working with energy efficiency valuation and power resource planning at the Burlington Electric Department in Vermont. In 2007, he moved to Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, a joint action agency of 12 Vermont municipal electric systems. He became VPPSA's Director of Power Supply and Transmission in 2010 where he was responsible for all aspects of power supply and transmission, including representation of public power in municipal government, the State of Vermont and the ISO-NE stakeholder process. He joined the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative in 2017 as its Director of Power Resources and Access and later in 2019 as its Vice President of Power Resources and Access.

Brian is an alumnus of the University of Colorado Leeds Business School and Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus in Resource Economics from the University of Vermont

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Henry Herndon

Director of Member Services


Henry Herndon has played a key leadership role in the founding and launch of Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire. As a consultant, Henry convened and facilitated the Organizing Group of municipal leaders and technical experts that designed and created the Coalition. Henry led critical public advocacy efforts to shape the state laws that enable Community Power. Henry now leads the Member Services team supporting municipalities and counties to plan, launch, and operate Community Power programs statewide.

Deana Dennis

Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

Deana Dennis is Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs for the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) where she is responsible for leading CPCNH's policy advocacy and engagement with the state legislature, executive branch, and regulatory agencies including the Public Utilities Commission and NH Department of Energy. Deana's career in energy policy spans more than fifteen years in Washington, D.C. and she has worked for leading trade associations and non-profit organizations leading advocacy campaigns in support of various climate, clean energy and clean transportation policy initiatives at the federal and state levels. 

Deana is a member of the New England Women in Energy & Environment (NEWIEE) and Women in Electric Vehicles (WEV), both professional organizations dedicated to empowering women in the energy and EV sectors. She earned a bachelor's degree in government from St. Lawrence University and participated in the Washington Semester at American University. In her spare time, Deana enjoys hiking throughout New England with her dog, Luna.


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Bobbi-Jo Michael 

Director of Administration

Bobbi-Jo manages the smooth operation of CPCNH by providing administrative support to staff and the Board of Directors. She serves as the primary staff support for CPCNH's Governance & Audit Committees and Board & Member meetings. Key areas of her role include Communication and Collaboration, Accounting and Financial Support, Scheduling and Coordination, Benefits Administration, Data Entry and Reporting, and Training and Development. 

Bobbi-Jo comes to CPCNH as the former Director of Governance & Administration at the National Education Association in New Hampshire (NEA-NH) for eight years. She served at the right hand of the Association President as well as the Executive Director and was solely responsible for administering human resources for their staff. 

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Mark Bolinger

Director of Projects and Programs

Mark joined CPCNH in May 2024, after more than 20 years of service at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. As a Research Scientist at LBNL, Mark led and conducted research on renewable energy technologies, markets, and policies across the United States and provided technical assistance to a wide array of policymakers and industry stakeholders. Mark's contributions to the field have earned him numerous awards, including the Annual Achievement Award from the Energy Systems Integration Group in 2012 and the Outstanding Partner Award from Wind Powering America in 2009. His work has had a significant impact on advancing renewable energy markets and policies across the United States, and he looks forward to turning his focus closer to home in New Hampshire. Mark earned his B.A. in History from Dartmouth College in 1991, graduating cum laude, and completed an interdisciplinary M.A. in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley in 2001.

Scott May

Senior Energy Analyst

Scott May, PhD, is a dynamic professional skilled in software engineering, data science, and algorithm development. With a PhD in Engineering from Caltech and a background in Engineering from Johns Hopkins, he blends technical experience with innovative thinking. 

During his tenure at Valence, Scott led the development of networking products for internet intelligence and security. At DeepMarco and Oracle, he excelled in data analysis and product development, contributing significantly to macroeconomic insights and real-time internet routing solutions. Scott's entrepreneurial spirit led him to create a poolside hear rate monitor prototype, showcasing his innovation beyond traditional roles.

With senior positions at Erigo Technologies, Creare, and Toyon Research Corporation, Scott has a proven track record in advanced sensor systems and algorithm development. 

Scott's blend of academic rigor, entrepreneurial flair, and industry experience makes him a sought-after leader in technology and innovation. 

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