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Learning Center

The Coalition maintains a collection of information documents and educational articles on energy-related topics

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Financial Reserves Information Sheet

This document summarizes the role financial reserves play in Community Power programs administered by CPCNH, in accordance with the Financial Reserves Policy 

Petition for Rulemaking to Implement RSA 53-E

On December 1, 2021, a coalition of public stakeholders led by CPCNH filed a petition with the Public Utilities Commission for rulemaking to implement RSA 53-E. To access the rule making documents, click the button below.


Restructuring, Community Power, and Competitive Markets

Community Power is a means to fully realize the benefits of competitive electricity markets, both at wholesale and retail levels. Empowering communities with local control authorities closes the loops on Electricity Market Restructuring started by New Hampshire in 1996.


Utility Default Service

Community Power programs maintain competitive default rates compared to utility default service rates, while also offering voluntary products that retail customers may opt-in to receive.

The timing of our Members’ rate setting decisions and, to a certain degree, the procurement of electricity will therefore need to take into account when the distribution utilities conduct these same activities.

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Renewable Portfolio Standard

New Hampshire's Electric Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) statute, RSA 362-F, established the renewable energy policy for the State.


The RPS statute requires each electricity provider, including utilities and Community Power programs, to meet a certain percentage of customer load by purchasing, generating or otherwise acquiring Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”).

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