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About Us

The Coalition

The Coalition​

The Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire is a non-profit Joint Powers Agency incorporated on October 1, 2021 — governed “by communities, for communities” — empowering towns, cities and counties across New Hampshire to:​

  1. Streamline the process for authorizing a Community Power program locally.

  2. Share services and staff support across member cities, towns and counties. 

  3. Participate in joint power solicitations and local project development opportunities. 

  4. Share knowledge and collaborate regionally on clean energy and resilient infrastructure development. 

  5. Speak with one voice at the Legislature and Public Utilities Commission on public advocacy issues related to energy and Community Power.






















Screenshot 2024-05-02 113652.png

As of April 1, 2024 the Coalition is made up of fifty-seven municipalities and two county members.

Coalition Membership is open to all New Hampshire cities, towns, counties and regionally operated Community Power Aggregations.

There are no upfront costs to join the Coalition. The expense of launching and operating each Member’s Community Power program will be repaid after program launch, through electricity rates, and the revenues received from participating customers in each program.

Our Mission & Values


Our mission is to foster resilient New Hampshire communities by empowering them to realize their energy goals.

The Coalition will create value for our Community Power member municipalities by jointly contracting for services, developing projects and programs together, educating and engaging the public, and advocating for communities and customers at the Legislature and Public Utilities Commission.


In carrying out its activities, the Coalition is guided by the following values:

  • Embody an inspiring vision for New Hampshire’s energy future.

  • Support communities to reduce energy costs and pursue economic vitality by harnessing the power of competitive markets and innovation.

  • Support communities to implement successful energy and climate policies and to promote the transition to a carbon neutral energy system.

  • Balance the interests of member communities who are diverse in demographics, geography and their energy goals.

  • Use our shared expertise, leadership and skills to educate, empower and build the capacities of our members.

  • Help communities demystify the power sector to make informed decisions.

  • Facilitate collaboration and teamwork by championing diversity, equity and inclusion of people and communities of all kinds.

Mission & Values
Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors


The Coalition is a partnership among cities, towns, and counties spanning the state of New Hampshire. Our Board of Directors is composed of local officials, staff and volunteers elected from our membership to represent the interests of our communities: 

Clifton Below Headshot_edited.jpg

City of Lebanon

Assistant Mayor & City Councilor


Town of Enfield

Energy Committee

Lisa Sweet_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Town of Rye

Energy Committee

Oxenham, Evan_edited.jpg

Town of Plainfield

Energy Committee

Kelley, Kathleen.jpeg
Kathleen Kelley
Chair, Audit

Town of Randolph

Androscoggin Valley Energy Collaborative

Carson, Clyde_edited.jpg

Clyde Carson
Chair, Finance

Town of Warner

Finance Director

Hodson, Andrea_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Andrea Hodson
Chair, Governance

Town of Harrisville

Select Board

Matt Miller_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Matt Miller, Chair, Risk Management

Town of Pembroke

Energy Committee


Chuck Willing

City of Concord

Energy Commitee

Tucker, Bruce_edited.jpg

Bruce Tucker

Town of Peterborough

Community Power Committee

Brown, Doria (current)_edited.jpg

Doria Brown

City of Nashua

Energy Manager

Clarke, Terry_edited.jpg
Terry Clark

Cheshire County



Jim Garrity

Town of Atkinson

Energy Commission

Lamattina, Joe_edited.jpg

Joe Lamattina

Town of Newmarket

Town Council

Kaspari, Jackson_edited.jpg

Jackson Kaspari

City of Dover

Resilience Manager

Kulbacki, Peter_edited.jpg
Peter Kulbacki

Town of Hanover

Director of Public Works

Hess, Jamie_edited.jpg

Jamie Hess

Town of New London

Energy Committee

Devonshire, Nick_edited.jpg

Nick Devonshire

Town of Exeter

Energy Committee

Hemenway, David_edited.jpg

David Hemenway

Town of Webster

Select Board

20150429_171056068_iOS (4)_edited.jpg
Steve Holmgren

Town of Durham

Energy Committee


Coalition Committees

Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire's Board of Directors and Committees are comprised of municipal staff, officials and volunteer community leaders appointed by our Member cities, towns and counties.

Executive Committee

Authorized to act on behalf of the Board on most matters in instances where decisions cannot wait until the next meeting of the Board.

  1. Clifton Below, Board Chair

  2. Doria Brown, Director

  3. Kimberley Quirk, Treasurer

  4. Evan Oxenham, Secretary

  5. Lisa Sweet, Director

Click here for biographies of our Executive Committee.

Audit Committee

Responsible for overseeing the quality and integrity of the Corporation’s accounting, auditing and reporting practices, shall cause an independent financial report of the accounts and records of the Corporation to be made by a certified public accountant each fiscal year, which shall be provided to Directors and to Members. 

  1. Kathleen Kelley, Director (Committee Chair)

  2. Clayton MacDonald, Member Rep

  3. Robin Rainie-Lobacz, Member Rep

  4. Peter Kulbacki, Member Rep

  5. Andrea Hodson, Director

  6. Kevin Charette, Vice Chair

Finance Committee

Responsible for advising the Treasurer and the Board as to the investments, budget, and general fiscal policy of the Coalition.

  1. Clyde Carson, Director (Committee Chair)

  2. Kimberley Quirk, Treasurer

  3. Clifton Below, Board Chair

  4. Charles (Chuck) Willing, Director

  5. Paul Looney, Director

  6. Terry Clark, Director

  7. Stephanie Giovannucci, Member Rep

  8. Kathleen Kelley, Director

  9. Peter Kulbacki, Member Rep

Member Outreach and Engagement Committee

Governance Committee

Responsible for assisting the Members in recruitment of Board Directors; determine eligibility of nominees for consideration of Directorship; monitor the effective functioning of the Board and committees; conduct regular Board orientations and evaluations; periodically review and recommend amendments to this Agreement; and advise the Board and Members, through the Annual Meeting, on governance issues.

  1. Andrea Hodson, Director (Committee Chair)

  2. Andrew Maneval, Member Rep

  3. Martin Bender, Member Rep

  4. Jessica Riendeau, Member Rep

  5. Mark Terry, Member Rep

  6. Joseph Lamattina, Director

  7. Beth Fenstermacher, Member Rep

Responsible for supporting and facilitating Member engagement, education, and collaboration across the Membership, present and future, and providing a forum for the Members to interact with one another and with the organization.

  1. Lisa Sweet, Director (Committee Chair)

  2. Joseph Lamattina, Director

  3. Craig Putnam, Member Rep

  4. Jamie Hess, Director

  5. Jackie Wengenroth, Member Rep

  6. Jo-Ellen Courtney, Member Rep

  7. Steve Holmgren, Director

  8. Beth Fenstermacher, Member Rep

  9. Bruce Tucker, Director

  10. Jackie Wengenroth, Member Rep (Alternate)

  11. David Hemenway, Director (Alternate)

  12. Jamie Hess, Director (Alternate)

Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Committee

Risk Management Committee

Responsible for (1) understanding and advising upon enterprise risk factors and mitigating strategies and (2) overseeing our competitive solicitation for services and credit support required to launch and operate Community Power programs for our members. 

  1. Matthew Miller, Director (Committee Chair)

  2. Clifton Below, Board Chair

  3. Bob Benson, Member Rep

  4. Doria Brown, Director

  5. Michael Prange, Member Rep

  6. Nick Devonshire, Director

  7. Jackson Kaspari, Director

  8. Peter Kulbacki, Member Rep

  9. Joseph Lamattina, Member Rep

  10. Charles (Chuck) Willing, Director

Responsible for monitoring and advising the Coalition and its Members regarding regulatory and legislative engagement, and also for appointing representatives of the Corporation to serve on statutory commissions, study commissions, and other boards and commissions created by the state legislature.

  1. Bill Baber, Member Rep (Committee Chair)

  2. Howard Kalet, Member Rep

  3. Julie Gilman, Member Rep

  4. Clifton Below, Board Chair

  5. Evan Oxenham, Secretary

  6. Clyde Carson, Director

  7. David Hemenway, Director

  8. Doria Brown, Director 

  9. Henry Noel, Member Rep

Key Documents

Formation Documents


Board Policies & Procedures


State Law and Regulation


Electric Aggregation Plans

Key Doumens
Member Communities

Member Communities

As of April 1, 2024, the Coalition has fifty-seven municipal members and two county members. Click the logos below to visit individual Community Power webpages and learn more about current service options.

Lebanon Community Power.png
Exeter Community Power.png
Harrisville Community Power.png
Dover Community Power Logo.png
Warner Community Power.png
Walpole Community Power Logo1.png
Newmarket EAC -Logo 1.jpg
Cheshire 21.png
FINAL Portsmouth Community Power logo (2).jpg

Wilmot Community Power


Hancock Community Power

Sugar Hill Community Power

Shelburne Community Power

New London.png

Coalition Network & Events

The Coalition maintains a communications network across dozens of New Hampshire towns, cities and counties interested in launching Community Power programs.

The Network has remained engaged throughout our formation process by participating in the Coalition’s Joint Action events and by supporting important state policy initiatives such as the House Bill 315 compromise and regulatory rule development at the Public Utilities Commission.

Community Power Summit (June 2020)

On June 5, 2020, the Organizing Group brought together 86 attendees from over 30 cities, towns and counties across New Hampshire representing ~25% of New Hampshire's default electricity load for an interactive discussion on Community Power and the Coalition "joint powers agency" model under development. The event featured a keynote presentation by Girish Balachandran, CEO of Silicon Valley Clean Energy. Watch the introductory overview and keynote below (and download the Summit agenda here):  

Coalition Member Candidates Event (March 2021)

March 18 Registrants.png

As a follow-up to the Community Power Summit, over 70 local representatives of municipalities in various stages of exploring Community Power attended the Coalition's "Member Candidates" event on March 18, 2020. 

Members of the Organizing Group provided an update regarding the formation process of the agency and discussed key sections of the Coalition Joint Powers Agreement. 

Event materials are available for download here.

Our History

The Coalition’s ad-hoc “Organizing Group” of municipal officials and staff led the formation of Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire beginning in late 2019 and concluding with the organization's incorporation on October 1, 2021. The Organizing Group was led in part by following municipal officials:​

Clifton Below Headshot_edited.jpg

City of Lebanon

Assistant Mayor & City Councilor


City of Nashua

Energy Manager

Bouchard, Rod_edited.jpg

Rod Bouchard

Cheshire County

Assistant County Administrator for Special Projects & Strategic Initiatives


Julia Griffin

Town of Hanover

Town Manager


Town of Hanover

Sustainability Director

Early Stage Formation

Beginning in 2019, an ad-hoc work group known as the “Coalition Organizing Group” met regularly to research national best practices and explore the viability of establishing a new public power nonprofit to share services across municipalities and counties. The Coalition Organizing Group has been led by the following municipal and county staff and officials:

  • City of Lebanon: Clifton Below, Assistant Mayor; Tad Montgomery, Energy & Facilities Manager; Everett Hammond, Assistant Public Works Director

  • Town of Hanover: Julia Griffin, Town Manager; April Salas, Sustainability Director;

  • City of Nashua: Doria Brown, Energy Manager;

  • Cheshire County: Christopher Coates, County Administrator; Rod Bouchard, Deputy County Administrator;

  • Town of Harrisville: Andrea Hodson, Selectwoman and member of Electric Aggregation Committee; Ned Hulbert, member of Electric Aggregation Committee.

The Coalition has been supported by technical and community advisors including: Henry Herndon, formerly Director of Local Energy Solutions, Clean Energy NH; Dori Drachman, Co-Founder, Monadnock Sustainability Network; Samuel Golding, President, Community Choice Partners; Dr. Amro Farid, Associate Professor, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College; and Mary Day Mordecai, Growing Edge Partners.

Members of the Coalition’s Organizing Group have:

  • Participated and often led discussions in the Community Power informal rule drafting process hosted by the Public Utilities Commission;

  • Intervened in regulatory proceedings and legislative hearings to represent the interests of communities and customers, such as by advocating for expanded data access in the Commission’s Statewide Data Platform docket (DE 19-197), and successfully negotiating the clarification and expansion of key Community Power authorities in House Bill 315;

  • Assessed power agency design best practices — in terms of community governance and competitive operating models — by interviewing elected officials, senior staff and vendors operating Community Power programs in other states (such as the Redwood Coast Energy Authority and Silicon Valley Clean Energy in California), along with representatives from public power associations (such as the American Public Power Association and the Vermont Public Power Supply Authority) and other industry experts; and

  • Hosted a virtual summit on Community Power that was attended by over eighty representatives from thirty-one municipalities, collectively representing one-quarter of the state’s default electricity market.

Execution of legal, community engagement and professional services contracts

In the second half of 2020, the City of Lebanon and Town of Hanover, in collaboration with the Organizing Group, after reviewing six responses to a Request for Qualifications, retained the law firm of Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke and worked with firm president Michael Postar Esq. and subcontracted New Hampshire counsel to draft the Coalition’s Joint Power Agreement. Duncan Weinberg are national leaders with over 50 years of public power legal guidance. In January 2021, the New Hampshire Attorney General approved our governance agreement as conforming to state law. Hanover and Lebanon are the first two municipalities to have voted to approve the Joint Powers Agreement to create the Coalition.

In February 2021, the City of Lebanon — using previously secured grant funding and in collaboration with the Coalition’s Organizing Group — contracted with Henry Herndon (formerly the Director of Local Energy Solutions at Clean Energy New Hampshire) and Samuel Golding of Community Choice Partners, Inc., to provide implementation support services prior to launch. Services include supporting municipalities throughout the Community Power approval and formation process, conducting competitive solicitations for the services, credit support and electricity procurement required to launch and operate member Community Power programs, and supporting the early-stage launch of the Coalition's power supply services and enrollment of initial customers. 

The Coalition subsequently contracted with qualified vendors and credit-worthy suppliers to cover the upfront cost of implementing Community Power programs, the expense of which will be amortized and recovered in program rates and charges to participating customers for a specified term. Similar at-risk and performance-based contract structures have been used to successfully launch and operate programs in other Community Power markets.

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