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Shared Services

The Coalition is a Joint Powers Agency incorporated to provide a range of services to our municipal Community Power members. By joining together, Members access economies of scale in the provision of services and electricity, gain administrative efficiencies, and strengthen their voice at the Legislature and Public Utilities Commission — while maintaining local control and community values.

Shared Sevices
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Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy


Community Power Implementation Support

Business Operations


Local Programs & Project Development

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Doing Business With Us

The Coalition issues competitive solicitations to contract with vendors who offer quality services affordably and on-time. The services required to operate our Joint Powers Agency and Member Community Power programs range from community outreach and advisory support throughout the local approval process, to energy portfolio risk management, ISO-NE wholesale market scheduling, retail customer engagement, and more. The Coalition may also contract for specific services and the development of programs and projects on behalf of two or more Members. ​


Qualified vendors should expect to provide client and project references, proof of insurance, technical credentials and other information pertinent to the Coalition’s selection that can provide best value to our Members in the categories of services listed above. 


Interested vendors may sign up for  notifications and browse our prior solicitations:

Doing Business With Us
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