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Community Power Implementation Support

The Coalition has developed template materials and provides advisory services to support Members through all of stages of the Community Power approval and establishment process: ​ 

  • Adopting the Coalition's Joint Powers Agreement, Cost Sharing Agreement, and Member Services Contract for Comprehensive Services.

  • Onboarding & participation on our Board of Directors.

  • Enabling Resolutions and the drafting and submittal of Electric Aggregation Plans.

  • Community Outreach and Public Meeting Support. 

  • Review and adoption of our Energy Portfolio Risk Management, Retail Rates & Financial Reserve Policies.

  • Utility Data Requests & Customer Privacy Compliance.

  • Marketing, Branding and Web Portal Development.

  • Power procurement and Rate Setting.

  • Customer Notifications.

  • Local Program Development Support. 

A primary goal of the Coalition is to streamline program implementation for all municipalities, large and small, throughout the state. 


Members assume only those responsibilities within these categories of activity which their elected officials and staff are most comfortable and capable of handling. ​ 


Communities can sign up for guidance on joining the Coalition and launching Community Power here:

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