Business Operations

Solicitations for the services and credit support required to launch and operate our Members' Community Power programs will prioritize the following functionality:


  • Retail Data Management and Billing Services

    • Utility Electronic Data Interchange

    • Customer Data Validation and Error Resolution

    • Billing Calculations

    • Utility Payment Receipt

    • Revenue Oversight and Tracking

  • Retail Customer Solutions

    • Customer Analytics and Insights

    • Rate Design Development and Product Structuring 

    • Grid Edge Enablement and Portfolio Integrations

    • Key Account Relationship Management

    • Inbound and Outbound Call Center Operations

    • Digital Engagement and Orchestration

  • Portfolio Risk Management Services

    • Energy Portfolio Planning and Development

    • Contract Valuation and Procurement

    • Counterparty Monitoring and Contract Management

    • Market Forecasting and Settlements

    • Position Management and Reporting

  •  Financial Services 

    • Credit Support

    • Secure Revenue Account Administration

    • Accounting Support and Controls

    • Financial Statement Setup and Review

    • Revenue Forecasting and Budgeting 

    • Invoice Validation

  • Enterprise Data Management

Vendors seeking to contract with the Coalition to provide implementation and operational services for our Members’ Community Power programs may sign up for solicitations by clicking the button below:

Strategic Priorities for the Coalition


The Coalition will select vendors and structure contracts to support the agency's organizational agility and practical ability to evolve business operations in ways that actively manage risk on both a retail customer and wholesale portfolio basis as technologies, market dynamics, consumer preferences and policy schemes change over time. 


Developing innovative retail products and services for New Hampshire's residents and businesses in particular is a strategic and financial priority for the Coalition. Examples include time-based rate options and electric vehicle charging rates that enable demand flexibility, individual and group net metering, distributed generation and energy storage dispatch programs, and other services that enable market access for third-party aggregators and directly empower customers to adopt new technologies and lower their cost of service — for both individual customers on a full bill basis and each Member’s supply portfolio overall. 


The Coalition will also contract for portfolio risk management services and actively engage in ISO New England wholesale markets on behalf of its Members. Coalition members will benefit from active and expert management of a diversified portfolio of short- to long-term energy contracts that optimizes exposure to market price volatility to achieve our short- and long-term goals. By monitoring current and forward power markets, the Coalition will identify opportunities to enter into transactions that stabilize and reduce power supply costs, hedge risk exposure, and maintain Member portfolios in compliance with adopted Risk Management and Financial Reserve Policies.

Read more about the Coalition’s strategic approach to designing local retail programs, Energy Risk Management and financial planning, and how these activities enable the development of new renewable and battery storage projects on our "Local Programs & Project Development" page.